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February 14, 2021 ~ Unsticking yourself

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

I get it. You’re distracted. You’ve got competing priorities. You’re not quite sure the development of this part of yourself or this project is worth the necessary sacrifices. Maybe, you feel bad more often than you feel good. You are human. You might even have exceptional, beyond-your-control circumstances blocking your next move.

(Systematic oppression qualifies.)

The good news? You are NOT stuck.
The other news? You are not moving.

To move, you must show up in body, mind, and spirit. Once you peel back the layers of your defense mechanisms, you will accept this truth. Not making consistent progress on your personal development or on your pet project feels unproductive. Lack of productivity generates that irritating vibe of disappointment in ourselves.

Before long, we imagine that we are stuck, in a rut, or simply “not meant” to do more with our life’s purpose. What you pursue need not be some high performance, high stakes goal. That is especially true if the only accolades you anticipate are your own.

Do this: Set an intention before you go to bed. Let your brain subconsciously organize your intention into steps as you rest! When you wake up, check for clarity and then commit, even if it means that you fold only the towels out of the clean laundry pile or write only one paragraph of your report’s introduction! Look: you are moving!

The closer you get to attaining what you seek, your pursuits – even simple ones – trigger the release of pleasurable hormones. One such hormone, Serotonin, is a neurotransmitter tied to motivation and attentiveness, appetite, digestion, and restfulness. So unsticking yourself makes you crave not getting stuck.

It’s a cycle, sort of like how eating veggies and fruit make you crave veggies and fruit. So, absolutely, I can imagine the magnitude of your hurdles. Or maybe I can’t. But I know you must move toward something before your productive years are behind you and you’re sitting someplace deeply unfulfilled, by your own doing. Start showing up for yourself, even when others tell you it is not okay.

I’m telling you: It’s okay.


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